About us

Stretched to the extreme is a website and blog dedicated to giving our readers interested in business information on the automotive industry.  We cater to automotive enthusiasts who are interested in the business aspect of the industry.  On the other hand we also want to give business inclined readers insight into automobiles and which ones are the best now a days.

The automotive industry can cover a ton of different aspects like limousines, car rentals, racing, or simply every day driving vehicles.  We like to look into each niche and find out whats going on in the industry.  Some industries are constantly growing while others are failing and need to change to achieve success.  For example the limo industry is growing as it becomes cheaper and more accessible to the average person.  But other the other hand the automotive industry is having a hard time selling SUVs as gas prices rise and people have little general use for such a vehicle.

Keep reading our blog and stay updated on current trends in the industry.  We strive to give our readers the most relevant information on each topic as well as tips on what they should invest in or use for personal life.

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