Stretched to the extreme!

Hello and welcome to stretched to the extreme.  This website is for you to learn about the automotive industry and different aspects that make it up.

Our posts cover a lot of different ground but he common theme is automobiles and business advice and information related to that niche.  We want to inform our readers and therefore we must be up to date and knowledgeable about every day aspects of such a industry.  We have degrees in economics and general business administration.  But our passion is automobiles.  We live and breath cars so we thought what better way to share this knowledge than create a blog dedicated to providing our readers with information about the industry.

Ever wondered how the limousine industry was doing over the years?  Well we have researched such a question and the results might shock you!  On the other hand what about formula one racing or even street racing?  What kind of money can you make in one industry or the other.  We like to know where the automotive industry is heading and what to expect in the future.

The most common question we get is should I start xxx business?  Maybe and maybe not.  That depends a great deal on the industry and your expectations of it.  Keep up to date with us and find out some things you may not know.

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